About Pacific Real Estate Services

Pacific Real Estate Services, LLC was established in 2007 and has over 100 yrs. of collective real estate experience exclusively on the island of Kauai.  Jeff Olson, the owner and founder of PRES prides his company on his teams ability to service it's clients every need wherever they may be in the Real Estate market.  PRES was established primarily in response to the major real estate property developments on Kauai that have broken ground within the last decade, and continue to grow. 

Our goal is to help buyers and sellers wade through this vast market and select advantageous deals in the most desirable locations specific to their primary goals and needs.  We strategically have agents located on every side of the island to ensure that no potential properties are over-looked and we know exactly what's happening with the market at all times.

In addition to representing buyers and sellers, we offer full management services for development and vacation rentals.  Our primary goal at Pacific Real Estate Services is to anticipate and discover our clients needs and how best we can serve them long term.  Essentially, we are here for you.